Here are a few samples of my work. Your opinions, ideas or suggestions are welcome. If you like any of these songs, I’d love you let me know. If, in addition, you’re a singer, songwriter, lyrics writer or music industry professional and you think we can work together, please contact me. I’m totally open to collaboration.

In general I try to make songs with rhythm, that is, the kind that make you move your feet. But I also enjoy ballads very much.

All songs are demos that have produced and recorded in my home studio with the help of three dear friends who have given their voices for the recording: Maria Subirachs, Chening Yuang and Alberto Alvarez. All my gratitude and appreciation to them. My thanks and gratitude also to Joan Artés, who has taught me everything I know about making music with a computer.

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About Fred Karel

Hi, I’m Fred Karel, songwriter and music producer. I live in Barcelona.

Do not be fooled by my appearance. I’m not a veteran. At least I’m not on making songs. I’ve been doing this for a short time. Before I used to work on things that had nothing to do with music and consumed much of my energy. Fortunately now I can devote myself almost entirely to what I like.

Although I’m not a veteran, I have not started from scratch. Many, many years ago, my parents insisted that I studied music. It was not a joke at all: Ten years of piano at the Conservatory. Actually I haven’t “conserved” much of what I learned. Not more than what a moderately gifted individual can assimilate in a couple of afternoons. But it’s been enough to start composing.

In those days synthesizers and computers did not yet exist. So, about that, I’ve had to start from scratch. Because,…….I did not say it yet: I want to make music of today , with a modern sound. I do not know if I’m getting it. Please, listen to my songs and judge for yourself.


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